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system that led to the massive fire on august 6. good evening everyone. dan has the night off. >> large community meeting has just wrapped up in richmond. chevron along with state federal investigators addressed public concerns about that fire. we have more on the meeting tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. earlier the refinery general manager talk about the root cause of the fire. he also answered questions about a criminal investigation and whether chevron tried to hide 4 years worth of harmful emission. more now from laura anthony. >> clearly the epa feels it should further investigation is warranted that's what they are doing. >>reporter: officials say they did not intentionally install a pipe to bypass emission monitoring equipment at the richmond refinery for 4 year period ending in 2009. refinery general manager haerns says the pip was there to rae leave pressure in the system. >> safety device. what we had to do because it wasn't meter we reroute it through a petering station.
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>>reporter: they are the object of criminal investigation by the epa which is trying to determine whether routing of the pipe was accidental or intentional. either way it allowed retyphoon ri to burn off small amount of hydro-carbon into the atmosphere undetected. >> it doesn't help the credibility. >>reporter: inspectors for the bay area air quality management district discovered the problem in 2009. last year fined chevron 170,000 dollars. >> air district found the problem. told chevron to medley take the bypass out which they did. so it has been corrected. so now all the gases go through the flare monitoring. but for about a period of 4 years they did not. >>reporter: mean time chevron announced they further isolated the cause of the august 6 fire. >> we suspect the general thinning of the piping component that failed is likely due to damage mechanism known as high temperature sulfide corrosion. >>reporter: chemical safety board said chevron knew about the deterioration but failed to
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replace or properly inspect the section of pipe that later ruptured. this evening she have respect represenataves are joining local state federal investigators for a community meeting. >> everybody wants answers they want answers now. including chevron. chevron probably wants to put this behind them and get on with their lives also. >>reporter: we understood from organizers that they were expecting refinery general manager haerns to make an appearance at the meeting tonight. they were disappointed to learn that he would not attend after all. we asked chevron about that and simply he has another engagement. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> police locked down several schools in concord late this afternoon as officers searched for a parolee considered armed dangerous. after school activities at el dorado middle school westwood elementary and concord high school affected short time. this is where police caught up with the suspect indicate neighbor unit helped capture the parolee and viewer took this picture of the man as he was taken into
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custody at forest view and live oak avenue. >> san mateo schools are stepping up security measures after police arrested a man for kidnapping 9-year-old girl friday. >> buddy system when we if to the bath ramp. nobody goes anywhere alone. don't play unintended area of the my ground and tell adult medley. >> man grabbed 9-year-old student and took her a short distance away from campus. girl kicked the man manageed to escape. police arrested 25-year-old bradley rose and they believe he's linked to 2 other suspicious incidents at nearby school bay side academy. he faces several charges including kidnapping and assault with intent to commit a sex crime. extreme skiing icon livermore native glen play among the survivors of the deadly avalanche on the world eighth tallest mountain. 48-year-old man is 3 time world champion free style skier based in tahoe. he confirmed to the
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family he was among those rescued from the slide that killed at least 9 people. all happened sunday morning around 4 a.m. more than 22,000 feet high on mountain in nepal. 2 dozen climbers sleeping when the camp swept away by the avalanche. blake is among 6 people rescue as crew reached survivor with high altitude helicopter. at least 6 people are still missing. election now 43 days away and today governor brown signed a bill allowing californians to register to vote up to and including election day. the current dead line is 15 days before an election. now if voters can't be verified on the spot they will be allowed to cast provisional ballot which will be counted if the information checks out. california common cause says this could boost voter roll by 8%. opponent are worried about fraud. presidential campaign trail today comments from both sides about what the u.s. must do next to stop iran. jake has
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more from the united nations in new york. >> as president obama arrives in new york city today mitt romney was focused on comments the president made to 60 minutes about whether recent events in the muslim world gave mr. obama pause about supporting the arab spring movement. president said no. >> i was pretty certain that continue to be pretty certain there will be bumps in the roa road. >> in colorado today the republican thom knee berated the president accusing him of down playing serious threats. >> he said the development in the middle east are bumps in the road. that was my reactio reaction. bumps in the road. we had an ambassador assassinated. >>reporter: white house insisted the president was referring broadly to transformation in the region. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasp at words and phrases here to find political advantage in this case that's profoundless sens
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senseless. >>reporter: this comes before intensely serious international back drop. not just up rest in the muslim world but iran alleged nuclear weapon program. potential threat to u.s. ally israel. iran president slashed a peace sign at the un today but war is on the front burner. one of the generals openly discussed launching preemptive strike against israel if the jewish state is poised to attack. unthinkable dilemma what would the u.s. doear iranr attacked israel? or if ally israel preemptively attacked iran? romney is using the many challenges in the region to paint the president as weak. >> look at the entire conflict. assassination. 20,000 people killed in syria. iran close to become ago nuclear nation. these are far from being bumps in the road. >>reporter: president responded with a challenge of his own fichlt governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >>reporter: that was jake tapper reporting. tomorrow the president will address the un
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general assembly and the president and mrs. obama will appear on a pwvl c the view. >> governor romney on 60 minutes was asked does he think it's fair that he pay as lower tax rate than somebody who is making 50,000 dollars a year. and he said yes. i think it's fair and i also think that's the way you get economic growt growth. i have just got a different vision about how we grow an xhechlt i think barbara that you grow an economy from the middle out not from the top down. >> the president and the first lady were also asked about the future. >> what are you going to do the rest of your lives. >> well, first things first here. we do have an election ahead. i have got. [applause] all kinds of things i want to do in a second term. putting folks back to work and making sure the schools are up to snuff and. >> and then. >> we have another war to wrap up. i love teaching. i miss
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teaching. and you know i'm not sure necessarily a classroom but the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create apprentic apprenticeship. just giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity. >> she should run for office but she said she doesn't want to. [applause]. >> michelle would be terrific but temperamentally i don't think -- >> wait. it's absolutely true. it take as lot of patience to be the president of the united states. i'm not that patient. >> that was an excerpt from the president and mrs. obama on the view. you can watch the entire interview tomorrow right here on abc 7 beginning at 10 in the morning. if you are waiting for someone to come home writ now and they are late, this could be the reason why. traffic on the bay bridge is just now starting to get back to normal.
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we are talking about the lower deck of the bay bridge right now. it's been backed up for hours. motorcycle crashed and spilled oil across 2 lanes east of treasure island. rider apparently hurt his arm. the oil has since been cleaned up. but the back up persist. difficult to see the lower deck and l tail later but we can tell you it's still slow going. >> still to come. san francisco police lab worker former san francisco police lab worker now facing federal charges. allegations against her have changed the way drug investigations are pursued. >> and the bay area breakthrough that could lead to new way to treat an especially deadly form of breast cancer. >> fall warm-up is coming. i'll show you when you feel it. carolyn? >> thanks. see you shortly. who wouldn't want a brand new i-phone 5? what happens when you glue apple latest gadget to the pavement? those stories and mo
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oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >> trial of former police crime labor accused of stealing cocaine confiscated as evidence is now getting under way in san francisco this week. deborah madden case rocked the department when it came to light in 2009. as mark explains that case force add lot of changes. >>reporter: 62-year-old deborah madden retired from her
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job as crime lab technician in late 2009. in the midst of an audit that showed cocaine was missing from the lab. madden later admitted to police investigators that she took small amounts of cocaine. good idea of the trouble that has caused? ask san francisco police chief greg sur. >> her actions brought a lot of discredit and caused san francisco a lot of money and she needs to be responsible to it. >>reporter: the scandal cost san francisco millions of dollars. as many as 500 criminal cases were dismissed. missing or tainted evidence. police closed the lab drug testing unit in march of would 2010 and still closed today according to public defender. >> the drug lab essentially shut down and all of the drug testing was being out sourceed to other labs. >>reporter: he says that is still happening. and he adds also had an impact on san francisco drug enforcement. >> one good thing that came out of the whole drug lab scandal
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is san francisco began looking at how it prioritize particularly prosecution of drug possession cases. >>reporter: according to the public defender police backed away from bust cases. >> probably 20 or 30 percent fewer arrest for what they call buy bucket cases where officers are out there making buys of drug on the streets. >>reporter: he says now police are looking at treatment instead of jail time for drug possession. and the arrest and prosecution of cases has fallen by a significant percentage. crime lab has been recertified twice since the scandal broke. police department which runs the lab says the problems have been corrected. now it's madden turn to answer. >> obviously it's being taken about as serious as it can be taken. federal try she has to answer for her actions as well she should. >>reporter: the trail is expected to take 4 days. she is not expected to testify. her tern will argue that her action disnot have the element
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or fraud or subterfuge required for conviction. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> this is the first monday of fall and there's a warm-up in the works. sandy is in for spencer tonight. >> carolyn gets exited about the warm-up. >> yes it's coming and towards the end of the work week. >> i love the timing of that. >> it's perfect. we head into the weekend, right. >> i'll show you the temperatures in a moment. certainly have you heading to the beach though. it's going to be gorgeous. live picture rate now from our high definition emeryville camera as we look across the bay. you can clearly see that there is a marine larry out there. fog layer is around. 1600 feet deep tonight. played a part in the cooler readings this afternoon. about 2,000 feet earlier this morning. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and what it looks like right now. inland area are clear as you can see but the coast even parts of the bay seeing fog. half machine bay visibility down to 3 quarters of a mile right now. so it is thick. you have to be careful for the
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morning commute. temperatures writ now in the 50's and the 60's antioch still holding on to some of the warmth from early in the day. it's 75 degrees. here is the forecast coastal fog inland tonight. sunny for most of you tomorrow afternoon and it's going to be a pit cooler as we head into your wednesday. tomorrow morning starting out with the fog along the coast over parts of the bay once again it could be on the dense side for that morning commute so give yourself a little more time and definitely bundle up. you have to make sure the little kids if you have kids have an extra layer on as it is going to be on the cool side. temperature down to the low 50's in someplaces. half machine bay. napa. santa rosa. san jose 52 degrees. here's what is happening in the atmosphere as you look at the water vapor imagery a little bit of a dip here. this ace disturbance coming through. bring in slightly cooler weather for your wednesday. tomorrow temperatures virtually unchanged. but you will notice what the approach of the disturbance that it's going to start out with the fog and low clouds first thing in the morning. slow clearing back to
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the coast. so coastal readings in the 50's and 60's. away from the coast line earlier clearing lead to temperatures in the 80's inland. 70's right around the bay. looking like beautiful day for your tuesday. high tuesday south bay 80 degrees in campbell. 78 for new coupe teen of. san jose 76 in milpitas. over cast but then sunshine for millbrae, 69 degrees. 75 palo alto. coastal areas half man bay 61 degrees. well hang on to a little bit of fog near the sun set district and daily -- daly city. downtown san francisco 64 degrees. north bay community 90's around ukiah. clover dale, clear lake. up to 80 in sonoma a.east bay temperatures are going to be close to where usual be for this time of year. we go with 72 in hayward. 70 oak land. inland communities it's a fine fall day would i say. 84 in concord and brentwood and for the monterey bay 62 degrees in
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monterey with fog there. 68 in salinas. 83 inland in gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast slow 60's to upper 80's tomorrow. so it is mild to warm for most except at the coast. a little bit cooler bay side inland on wednesday. l this is where things start to turn around. on thursday mid 60's to low 90's start to warm back up and check out friday through sunday. carolyn type of weather low 70's at the beaches. it's going to be warm around the bay mid 80's and we get you up into the low 90's inland. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. >> those coastal temperatures are rae marketable. >> absolutely. this is what we see in the fall. just right. timing couldn't be perfect. tell you about something we can't be involved in this. but i can tell you about it. we are about to make someone 49,000 dollars richer. just good to slash abc 7 news and like us then click the win 49,000 dollar button to enter. yes that's me. if you
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already lick us you can still enter. go to the facebook page and click the 49,000 dollar button to enter. we'll announce the winner on october 18. right after the forty-niner take on the seattle seahawks right here on abc 7 news. 49,000 dlaivrments i know great game. great opportunity to take home 49,00 49,000. >> yes. all right sandy. >> still to come. credit card penalty against stay at home moms and new law that is going to fix that. >> plus the world shortage of pork and bacon next year now appears unavoidable. who is saying this? and why. 7 news at 9 continues and why. 7 news at 9 continues right after this
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>> help is on the way for stay at home parents denied credit card because 3 don't have income of their own. in the next couple month the
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protection bury propose a rule to make it applicant without personal income to gulf for credit cards vl recent law intended to prevent card issuers from giving people more credit than they could reasonably handle. it stipulated that credit card company had to look at individual income rather than household income. it was quickly stay at home penalty. but it's changing. free checking more expensive than ever. according to the wall street journal to the avoid a monthly fee customers must now keep average balance of 7 23 dollars in the checking accoun account. that's 23 percent more than last year. and those paying for account are paying more as well. non-interest economicing account at 25% to 5 dollars 48 cents here you see it. not tomorrow place where bank customers are paying more. financial web site says atm surcharge rose 4 percent hitting a record high of 2.50 charged on afternoon for using another bank money machine and here are the city where it cost the most to use an out of network atm. denver top the
9:24 pm
list with charge of 2.80 followed by take between new york and seattle at 2.70. san francisco and houston tied for the third spt at 2.69. >> well the peanut butter recall started this weekend at trader joe is expanding. sun listened recalling 76 types of peanut almond butter after one of the product was link to the salmonella out brick at trader just a moment among the recalled items are those sold under archer farm and earth brand as well and that is valencia with roasted nrax seed and almond butter. 29 people in 18 states including california have been sicken. men time target stores recalling dog street because they may contaminated with salmonella. here they are. specific brand boot and barkley american beef bully stick and people who handled them being told the lack for flu like symptoms. then this. bacon shortage. united kingdom
9:25 pm
national pig association is warning that world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable. droughts around the world caused feed prices to soar that has pork producers thinning stock. in a few month bic on to be in short supply and prices as a result will sky rocket. are you familiar with triple negative breast cancer? actually the most deadly form of breast cancer. up next bring you the local research brick through that could lead to better treatment for it. >> plus those replace many. one nfl coach just wanted an explanation. now he will likely end up with a fine. >> tiny apartment that could [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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you. breakthrough by
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researchers in the bay area could lead to new treatment for deadly form of breast cancer. of it turned up an intraeinging finding with different genetic. she discovered a lump on the breast in 2009. after multiple tests the cancer turned out to be a relatively rare but aggressive form. >> they said this is what you have. hadn't even heard of it laid out that way. >>reporter: triple negative breast cancer strikings younger women lick her who was 31-year-old mother of toddler at the time of her diagnosis. the disease also has especially high mortality rate among african american women. >> i think the fact that it's affecting young women is alarming. >>reporter: typically chemotherapy drug zero in on 3 common protein to should risk or kill the tumor. since it doesn't have the target trip tell negative breast cancer can be very difficult to treat. now they can soon be changing things thank to break through
9:30 pm
study. >> this study now tells us when we look at everything we can lack at with the most cutting edge technology that is available in this country and world there are 4 main types of breast cancer. >>reporter: dr. chris ben sen is part of major project funded by national institute of mental health health to explore the genome of 20 different cancer type. massive computer network crunch huge data generated by test measuring cancer in different ways. christine works to map the tangled path way. >> it's about will owing down to giant hair ball to find what is at the center and that's actually what we see is that one center in the hub. >>reporter: what researcher found was not only that there are 4 main categories of breast cancer but that one of them triple negative actually resemble a different kind of capser all together. >> in fact more like high grade ovarian cancer. what that does is not just sort of interest but it tells us that we should
9:31 pm
be repurposeing treatment that were being used for other cancers and applying it to breast cancer. >>reporter: he says that strategy is especially exciting because there are several new drug already available for treating ovarian kearns. he says the next step is to introduce those drugs into clinical trials in the hopes that they will target the same path way in triple negative breast cancer. >> we which opens up i think very novel avenue for new therapy and new opportunities for treatment for patients. >>reporter: and offering new hope for other triple negative breast cancer patients to beat the odds as she has done. she's cancer free after surgery treatment. >> i felt that i had to keep fighting. i didn't want to step away. >>reporter: the stake are hig high. it's comparatively rare this breast cancer kills an estimated 40,000 women a year in the united states alone. if
9:32 pm
you would like to read more on the study and triple negative breast cancer go to our web site. santa clara elementary school principal in jail fit following a brief court appearance this afternoon. 42-year-old eric lewis charged with 5 felony drug counts. police arrested lewis last thursday after they say he offered drug to undercover officer who contacted him through an on line dating site. no drug found on lewis but investigators say they did find methamphetamine ecstacy and ghb so-called date rape drug during a search of his home. lewis is being held in lieu of 25,000 dollar bail. he's expected back in court on friday. 67-year-old san jose man arrested in marin county for trying to poison his girlfriend with water spiked with chlorine. the girlfriend is 63-year-old parent at san rafael nursing home. employee there called police when he were the in bottles of water that smelled like bleach. he reportedly told his girlfriend he was vitamin water. >> beach goers in eastern
9:33 pm
florida helped fish wild life officials collect bag of marijuana from an apparent drug smuggling boat. they rae treevd the drug by swimming out then bringing them back to the beach. nearly 150 pounds of marijuana were on board that both. vessel capsized near jacksonville early this month and floated south. >> more problems with those replacement referee in the nfl. john foxx head coach for the broncos is being fined for interaction with referee during last week monday night game. mean time new england patriots coach says he was lacking for an explanation from the officials as to whether particular play was under review. he may now be fined as well. several games yesterday had bad calls including the san francisco forty-niner. more now from karen. >> 3 week noose the nfl season and frustration over the replacement referee have reached a boiling point. last night new england patriots coach belichek was so angry about the calls in the team
9:34 pm
game against baltimore he grabbed an official's arm. >> i'm not going to comment about. that you saw the game. >>reporter: more like 10 penalty an baltimore had 14. but it's not the number of penalty that has coaches players and fans so frustrated. it's the questionable ones. the list is growing. >> they are trying to do the best job they can. they are just not qualified to handle the pace and speed of an nfl game. >>reporter: in the san francisco minnesota game officials twice allowed 49 investigators challenge calls. even though they had no time outs left. this looks like a catch on the one yard line by miami player. that's what the referee called it. but look again. he actually lost the ball when he hit the ground. after last night game patriots linebacker spike went off on twitter. someone please tell these zebra foot locker calls and needed back at work. some replacement referee come from a college level and indoor arena
9:35 pm
league. nfl turned to them after they locked out the regular referee when the contract expired in june. there are a few signs of progress in the negotiations. some see little reason for the nfl to cave fans are still filling stadium and tuning in on tv. >> when people start changing the channel that's when you will see a change in the approach of the national football league. >> players have had enough. the union asked the league to end the lock out medley. karen travers abc news washington. >> dan is not here on the anchor desk tonight because he's hosting the annual charity golf tournament in the east bay. today is the 16th annual dan ashley friends of camp concord golf tournament that supports the organization that sends deserving young people to summer camp in south lake tahoe. >> one of the most important aspects of what we do is that every kid that we send up to summer camp is anonymous in terms of who is on scholarship and who isn't. so the counselors don't know. other kids don't know. every kid
9:36 pm
just gets to be a kid at camp. >> just a terrific organizatio organization. if you would like to support dan and friends of camp concord just head to our web site and we have a link there for you to connecticut you with the charity home page. you will find it under see it on tv. arnold schwarzenegger next act. coming. former governor writes explosive tell all about his secret son. how he found his secret son. how he found out that6wfw"ñ"ñdqovookññçcñ
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. >> san francisco could give new meaning to the word down sizin sizing. san francisco supervisors scheduled to vote on changes to the city building code that would allow the smallest apartment in the country to be as also as 220 square feet. about double the size of a prison cell. current regulations require a living room alone to be that big.
9:40 pm
backers say the tiny apartments would be much more affordable option for single renter in a city where the average monthly rent is now 2700 dollars a month. we now understand that tomorrow vote by the board of supervisors could be postponed. we have the very latest for you on that. he has been the governor and terminator now arnold schwarzenegger is taking on 2 other role. on monday he will start heading up the institute for state global policy symposium at usc this week he's talking about the autobiograph autobiography. more on that from dan harris. >> it happened the day after then governor arnold schwarzenegger left office as governor of california. he an his wife maria shriver went to couple counseling session initiated by her. quote the minute we sat down the sayer picture turned to me and said maria wanted to come today and ask about a child. whether you fathered a child with your housekeeper mildred. i told the therapist it's true. and then according to him he started to grovel saying he had
9:41 pm
screwed up. that she was the perfect wife. and that he was still turned on by her. it didn't work. she separated from him and then filed for divorce. >> if my life was movie no one would believe it. >>reporter: in the new book called total recall which comes out next week, swats neglect said he had sex with housekeeper mildred pena in 1996 in the family guest house while maria and kids were away on conviction and he was home filming batman and robin. he says for years he tried to convince himself that her husband was the father until the boy grew up and resemblance to swats neglecter so strong quote i realized there was little doubt that he was my son. all the while he watched as maria defended him from alleges of infidelity. >> i'm my own woman. i have not been quote bred to look the other way. >>reporter: but arnold says he kept it all a secret because he was embarrassed and because he didn't want to face up to his wife's family the kennedys.
9:42 pm
instead of doing the right thing i just put the truth in a mental compartment and locked it up where i didn't deal with it every day he writes. and he note as parting shot he says shriver took after the marriage ended during the father funera funeral. >> perhaps his greatest accomplishment to me was showing my brothers how to treat a wife. >>reporter: dan harris abc news new york. >> still ahead. photo tweet that could inspire movie made by a bay area high tech giant. 7 news at 9:00 will be right 7 news at 9:00 will be right back after this. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> wildfire in san diego county that destroyed 20 homes also claimed a life. the fire has been burning since sunday near the campo indian reservation. crew found a body inside a
9:46 pm
charred home. the neighbor says disabled 82-year-old man lives there and refused to evacuate. >> resident of chico neighborhood are relaxing a bit better tonight after some people put stop to a visit from a 300 pound black bear this morning. that adult bear was spotted roaming the neighborhood and ended up in an elderly man garage. fish game officers tranquilize the bear and then returned it to the foot hills outside chico. well twitter co-founder is trying to capture inspiration and tweet it. launch add new promotion campaign today encouraging people to send him photo which he will then use to direct a short film with the help of director ron howard. wayne shows us what it's all about. >> if art is in the eye of the beholder then maybe the same holds true for inspiration. example of that than this plaza in san francisco today. >> such an awesome opportunity. >>reporter: so here we have a
9:47 pm
man sitting in a booth tweeting. does he look familiar? >> sitting at the table there. >>reporter: yes and tweeting with the purpose of inspiring other people to take photo that will in turn inspare him to make a movie. >> there is always something going on. your mind just wanders. even if it's something as simple as a man walking through a city. like why is he walking through the city. did he run out of gas? >>reporter: in another time and place we might call this street theater. now day the word tweet theater might seem more appropriate. because the man in the booth is none other than biz stone. co-founder of twitter. salute rock star among those in the know. >> my age rock star were the rolling stones. hendrix. i don't know. maybe even up to nirvana. >>reporter: as part of promotion canon camera asked biz and other modern rock star to make and direct 10 short movie with the aid of ron howard. from the picture he has tweeted to him including maybe one of these mr. stone is
9:48 pm
to choose an idea and then act on it. >> i want to create something that is relevant. aspiratio aspirational. that is meaningful. hopefully something that people can take away with them and feel good about. >>reporter: spoken like a true director to be. in 19 02 we got the thinker. in 2012 now we have the tweeter. biz stone look it up on the internet. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> and you can inspire biz stone by tweeting your photo with the hash tag inspire biz. more on the project at our web site find it upped see it on t tv. all right let's get one last check of the forecast now. sandy. >> looks beautiful for your tuesday. it's warm inland. temperatures much like today. 87 fairfield antioch 86 for livermore up to 84 in concord. head down the peninsula into the south bay 78 degrees in san jose. 72 in san mateo o. san francisco 64 santa rosa 81
9:49 pm
degrees and a half moon bay 61 degrees. tomorrow very similar to today. as we head into wednesday. it's a little bit of a cool down. around the bay inland. only to bounce back starting on thursday. it's a warmer pattern setting up as we lead into the weekend. 70's at the beaches. low 90's inland. that's what i'm talking about. fine fall weather we get so used to around this time. >> looks terrific? thanks. >> the i-phone 5 hard to get your hands on right now. especially one specific phone in the netherlands. look. few pranksters in amsterdam super glue a new phone to the group in popular square. dozens of people pass by it. several tried to pry it free of course that didn't work. others tried kick it. that also did not workment eventually one girl jumped up and down on the phon phone. laughing in frustratio frustration. turns out the pranksters made the video to sell a few phones of their own. how frustrating is that speaking of frustrating. more horrible calls in another game
9:50 pm
tonight. >> super glue to replace the referee. a's in texas for 4 game set. rangers lead in the west. off to good start [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
9:53 pm
[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. we learn an angry crowd is gathering in hayward upset about a police shooting that took place this morning. we are all over this developing story. we have a live report for you tonight at 11:00. >> also last call at the purple onion legendary comedy club final act tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news over on channel 7. right now, though, more disturbing football calls. get to that in a moment. let's start with something positive. >> i can do a whole segment on the reese placement referee. we have 7 against the rangers now they are chasing texas for the american league west title and if not baltimore for the wild card spot. hamilton back in the line up for the rangers. not good news for the a's.
9:54 pm
top 2. josh kick start the offense with a man on. see you. 2 run shot. a's up 2 nothing. let's go to the third inning. long ball. crushes the 21st homer of the season. solo sho shot. a's on top 3-1. starter on his game. aches and two-thirds innings. struck out 8. walk 2. rangers got to the bullpen in the seventh. adrian 2 run blast off pat. we are tied at 2. we go to the 9th. relief bases loaded for beltre. single up the middle. craig trots home. rangers win 5-4. the a's trail the rangers by 5 games in the west. now orioles blue jay double header game 1. 4th inning. jones. 2 run shot to left. 32 of the season. 4 for 4 and propel the orioles to a 4-1 victory. different result in the night game. 7th inning bases loaded for j p.
9:55 pm
not any more. grand slam. blue jay go on to win 9-5. the all right 49ers found out yesterday you can't just show up and expect to win. manipulate society give them a little wake up call. same type of smash football 49ers like. taste of their own medicine. first of a 3 turn over game in the harbaugh area and worst loss. smith had one of the worst games in two years over throwing receivers. threw the first interception 249 passes. sacked three times. vikings put pressure open him all day. defense. first drive of the game. viking quarterback right down the field on 16 play touch down drive. throwing the first of 2 td passes and running one in himself. niners regroup good thing they are staying to prepare for the jets next sunday. concentrate on one thing getting back on the winning track. >> we are all standing under 1
9:56 pm
are for every night that we are here. and l eat the meals together. training together. practicing together. learn more about your temperature and the guys. their stories. and talk football. prepare for gym on sunday. >>reporter: all right raiders got the first victory. yes. beast the steelers on last second field goal. physical game. knocked out. stayed overnight at the medical center but rae leased this morning with concussion and neck strai strain. he's expected to make a full recovery and believe it or not know penalty call there. finally got daryn untrack. new zone blocking scheme. ran for 113 yards. 64 of them right here on the touch down to the first quarter. palmer threw 3 td passes. efficient with the ball. raid nors number bell and 1 interception. defense gave up 4 passs to ben and 3 84 yards. held the stee steelers only 54 yards rushing had only 3 penalty the entire
9:57 pm
game. as you know nothing like the first win of the year. >> any time you have success reinforces the message you have been trying to preach and so it was good for our players. for our staff. for our organization to see some of the fruits of our labor. >> great win for us. one of the things confidence booster for us. go out and keep doing this and keep stacking wins. >> monday night football. seattle defense sacked rodgers 8 times first half. clemens 4 of them. second quarter. seattle rookie quarterback wilson connects with golden. 7 nothing seahawks at the half. late fourth quarter. fourth down wilson throws it up. golden push the db in front of him. offense inference. jennings grap grab the ball in the air for the pick. one calls touch down the other no call. upon review look at this here. he has the ball right there. you can see. comes down with it. give it to
9:58 pm
seattle. unbelievable. replacement referee finally cause the team to win. packers lose 14-12 the final. all right i have been saying all year this is going to cost a team a play off spot and it happened tonight. roger is sitting up there. almost owners almost laughing at this because they know that people are still going to watch the games. all right. so they are going to try to break the referee union and just going to -- more of the call happening every game. just ridiculous. >> washington happens in this. we obviously saw what happened. did it go for review and even. >> it goes for review. >> who is reviewing it. >> you can't review possession. referee on the field have to call it. it was obvious the packer defensive back made the catch came down with possession and there was just no question. when they came back and said it's seattle touch down i couldn't believe it. so this is going to good on all year. something has to be done. >> maybe this is the tipping point. >> maybe this is it. >> turn things around. >> i don't know. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us
9:59 pm
everyone. for all of us here thanks so much for joining us. thanks so much for joining us. see you all right, you're definitely going to get this one, you ready? uh, yeah, i guess.
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